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In 2012 a small group of Tapestry members came together with the desire to create a social action project. They discovered that there were immigrants being held in three detention facilities across Orange County. Desiring to recognize their inherent worth and dignity, the idea for a visitation program was born.


By our actions, we seek to honor equity and justice in human relations, and to respect the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part by a strong, vibrant visitation program of undocumented detainees placed in detention centers of Orange County and a transfer program for asylum seekers.


To offer regular visits to any undocumented detainee who indicates a need and/or a transfer program from point of release to detainee’s sponsor for asylum seekers. We offer listening ears and compassionate hearts in an act of friendship to end isolation, and affirm each person's human dignity and worth.

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